What is ovulation induction?

What is ovulation induction?


Ovulation is a natural part of a woman’s menstrual cycle wherea developed ovarian follicle (of the ovary) releases an egg. This egg then travels down the fallopian tube where it is met by the male’s sperm to become fertilised.

Ovulation is controlled by the hypothalamus – a part of the brain, which sends signals to the anterior lobe and pituitary gland to facilitate the secretion of LH - luteinizing hormone and FSH –follicle stimulating hormone. This process typically occurs between the 10th and 19th day into a woman’s menstrual cycle, and is the time where she is most fertile.

Drastic lifestyle changesaffect a women’s menstrual cycle and lead tothe production of low levels of hormones or cause a woman to not ovulate at all. Added factors like age,Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and diabetes, make it hard forsome womentoday, to ovulate on their own regularly.

When this process does not occur organically, a fertility specialist will first understand your ovulation cycle by conducting tests including- collecting blood samples to measure a woman’s hormone levels at particular stages of her cycle and will also recommend some specific ultrasounds to see and evaluate the development of follicles in the ovaries, the appearance and thickness of the lining of the womb; and only then advise ovulation induction.

Ovulation induction is one of the simpler processes, involving the use of prescribed medication, to increase your chances of conceiving. These medicines will stimulate the development of ovarian follicles, which in turn enables your ovaries to release eggs- maximising your chance of having a baby.

Like most procedures the success rates for induction of ovulation vary significantly and depend on criteria like a woman’s age, the type of medication used, and most certainly if there are other factors of infertility present in the couple together.

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Dr. G Buvaneswari,

MBBS, DGO, DNB (OG), Dip. ALS (Germany), AMRCOG (UK),

Medical Director - GBR Clinic – Fertility Centre